Educators' Toolbox

Will Howe Foote (1874-1965)
Wiggle Drawing (Woman Sitting on Man)
Graphite on paper

This section, called the Educators’ Toolbox, is filled with additional resources for teaching about the Lyme Art Colony. The Background Information section features the illustrated Story of Miss Florence and the Lyme Art Colony which can also be printed out and read aloud in class.

The Timelines section offers a set of illustrated timelines about the Lyme Art Colony and beyond. The Wiggle Drawings section offers access to 42 original wiggle drawings that can be printed out for classroom display, reports, etc. The Illustrated Glossary features the definition of 34 words divided by subject area. The Image Portfolio clusters the images of key ideas to make enliven lesson plans. The Lyme Artists Movies is a complete listing of the 34 clips taken from the 11 scenes contained in the two vintage film reels.